Bangla Tel provides premium CLI termination for Bangladesh using IP and TDM technology. For international connectivity, we are connected via terrestrial and multiple subsea links. This set up of both land and sea based connectivity enables us to provide our services with full redundancy.
To maintain the highest level of voice quality, Bangla Tel is connected via multipleSTM-1 based TDM circuits with downstream operators, PSTN, IPTSP and all the Interconnection Exchange (ICX) companies of the country.

International Gateway (IGW):

Bangla Tel is operating worldwide carrier network with NGN based platform capable of interconnecting both on IP and TDM. Infrastructure has been set up mostly using ZTE equipment. Our IP and TDM POP in Singapore is live at Equinix and we are planning to activate London POP at Epsilon soon. We support all standard protocols including H.323, SIP/SIP-T, ISUP. We serve G.723 & G.729 codec for IP connectivity and G.711 we serve for TDM connectivity. We offer 100% premium quality CLI and also deal with outbound from Bangladesh as well as traffic all around the world.
The voice market in Bangladesh is a highly competitive sector and a growing business. This makes choosing the right carrier that much more imperative. Bangla Tel treats all customers as long-term partners. As a partner, we are aligned with your goals in terms of quality and flexibility. Our goal is to try to set the benchmark for best practices in the telecom sector in Bangladesh .

International Toll Free Service (ITFS):

International Toll Free service has evolved as an essential service in modern telecommunication around the world.

With increasing customer demand in the retail & enterprise markets in Bangladesh and rapid globalization, organizations are now realizing the need for ITFS in order to provide world-class services, better customer support and a quality service experience. We believe that it is an opportune moment to introduce ITFS for Bangladesh market.